Dowsing Rod
The crystal makes our Dowser Dan Dowsing Rod� unique!

The genuine Arkansas crystal slides for fine tuning.

The genuine Arkansas crystal slides for fine tuning.



We use our Dowser Dan Dowsing Rod� in search for water, minerals, nutrients in food, and to select the most healthy products for us. Dowsing rods can help in locating such things as lost objects, Earth laylines (gridlines), and energy fields.

TWO SIZES to choose from:

2. NEW POCKET BUDDY DOWSER DAN DOWSING ROD - a more compact version of the original rod.(pictured above)
If you have dowsing questions . . .

If you have dowsing questions . . .

email Dowser Dan at Email:

OR visit
<font color=blue><b> Dowsing Information</b><br>

Dowsing Information our site designed especially for "Creative Dowsing" and dowsers

Available Spring 2006: Instructional Library Series:
"Dowser Dan presents Creative Dowsing"

Searching for answers to your questions?

Discover dowsing as an easy, convenient method to unlock awareness.

Learn basic guidelines for divining information as "yes or no" answers.

Improve your quality of life by using the dowsing rod as your tool to locate potable water, minerals, lost items, nutrients in food, Earth laylines, energy fields, and more.

Enjoy transforming into a creative dowser!

To be notified via email when the "Creative Dowsing" Library Series is ready:
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Dowser Dan Dowsing Rod PairDowser Dan Dowsing Rod   PairOur copper-coated stainless steel dowsing rod has a genuine Arkansas quartz crystal which slides for fine tuning. Let this pair of rods help you in discovering information to benefit your life.
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