LUCKY magazine  June 2003

Discover how Hollywood designer Coco Kliks enjoys Egyptian Magic All Purpose Healing Skin Cream

LUCKY magazine, June 2003, page 80 "Beauty Spy"
BEAUTY SPY: Insider's Picks

"After working for a Paris couture designer, COCO KLIKS moved to Hollywood and launched her own line of handstitched T-shirts, flannel A-line dresses, and tweed miniskirts. 'I love elegant details like handstitching or intricate beading on wardrobe constants,' she says. 'After all, you wear T-shirts all the time -- why not make them stand out?' It's no surprise that, when it comes to beauty, Kliks is all about nailing down the basics, so she can simply add the finishing touches."

EGYPTIAN MAGIC ALL PURPOSE HEALING SKIN CREAM "This just might be perfect. It heals everything, from dry chapped lips to cuts and burns. It doubles as a sheeny, natural eyeshadow."
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Egyptian Magic Multi-Purpose
Skin and Hair Cream 4 oz. $39
Egyptian Magic Multi-Purpose<br>Skin and Hair Cream 4 oz. $39 <br> NEW 2-oz JAR AVAILABLE $26Get more for your money ... a little goes a long way. Egyptian Magic Skin and Hair Cream. A natural, multi-use moisturizing and healing cream comes in 4-ounce jar. Featured as "Multi-tasking Hall of Fame Product", REAL SIMPLE magazine Sept. 2003
"Magic " 100% Cotton Gloves, White"Magic " 100% Cotton Gloves, White100% white cotton Dermatological gloves are elegant, comfortable, soft, and sanitary protection for your hands. Massage Egyptian Magic Skin Cream into your hands. Wear cotton gloves overnight to enhance softening and healing of skin, and to prevent staining of fabrics and garments. Gloves are hemmed at wrist for neat appearance and may be used at theatrical gloves, and with Halloween costumes.
"Magic" travel container, 1/2 oz. Ready to Fill"Magic" travel container, 1/2 oz. Ready to FillBrighten your day with jewel-tone travel-size containers. Hold 1/2 ounce Convenient for Egyptian Magic Skin Cream in your purse or travel bag.
"Magic Sox", white cotton blend"Magic Sox", white cotton blendEnergize and relax your feet with an Egyptian Magic massage.
Help retain skin moisture during the day and overnight by wearing these soft cotton-blend sox.
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