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Greetings from Daniel and Cynthia Nichols. We know well being is the natural state of the Universe and how we choose to live. Our passion and plan is to empower ourselves and others to live a healthy and quality lifestyle by developing intuition, finding methods of self-discovery, and awareness. To accept responsibility for our lifestyle choices and to take action NOW to create and enjoy our daily experiences.

During most of Cynthia�s life since as a young child the mainstream medicine and drugs gave her worse side effects than what she was being treated for, she became a researcher for natural remedies but most of all preventative care as her �health insurance�. During the past 8+ years, We have been resolving health challenges from serious injuries received in a head-on collision. It is a continuing journey of adventures in alternative remedies and therapies. We offer to share our experiences of what works for us and what we let go of after getting undesirable results for us.
Attention: All Persons Who Wish to be at a Healthy Weight for Life!
How to Control Weight with Low Glycemic Shake
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From The Desktop Of: Cynthia Nichols
Date: Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014

Dear Friend,

We�ve never met, but I do know these 2 things about you:

You wish to get rid belly fat and feeling tired and 2) You wish to feel energetic, young, and able to control and maintain a healthy body weight.


My Personal Story: Preventative care has been my �health insurance� since my early 20′s. About 8 years ago, an unfortunate head-on collision resulted in serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury (which controls serotonin and metabolism changes), compounded by entering those �middle-age years� (which must be named for the �middle body and belly fat expansion� which seemed to appear overnight. Going from physically fit and active, out-of-doors person to an inactive sedentary lifestyle during many years of healing body and brain added not only extra weight but also fat. Healthy food choices helped very little externally for appearance � and exercise time and energy were limited. So as always when I�m experiencing health challenges, I research for solutions and increase my awareness of why the body does what it does (like store fat). Although my brain continues it�s healing process, I feel I have found a perfect solution which is not only healthy � but also simple and convenient. It�s a �piece of heaven� to me and is rejuvenating my body�s metabolism and other functions.

Our lifestyle of stress compounded by the food which is being sold to us just builds the frustration. But there is available a NEW and healthy natural wellness plan (of which weight loss is a side benefit). I�m ready for not only feeling energetic, but also looking fabulous. And I know that those extra 40 pounds can be gone FOREVER in about 3 months. I look forward to enjoying a renewed quality of life. And you can too!


Fortunately for me (and now you), I found a way out�

Since those early failures, I poured my heart and soul into learning everything I could about natural health secrets to weight control without drugs or starvation, or exhausting hours of exercise. I ate, slept, and drank this world, and as a result of being immersed in it for 10 years, I�m now considered an expert in this field, so I�m well qualified to help you.

I have spoken at many trainings and can show you the results. Check this out for yourself get the facts and give it a try , reserch it and find out how the weight control and wellness system works. It offers a convenient solution for low glycemic and gluten free weight management. Then share this with others.
�How My [free] Guide Helps You � Control and then Maintain Weight Permanently�

Over the last few years, my friends and acquaintances constantly hassled, encouraged, and cajoled me to write a definitive guide about natural health secrets to healthy weight control , so I finally gave in and I�m now ready to share it with you.

Inside, you�ll discover the very best, most up to date tips and strategies about controlling weight. It�s just 7 pages pages because there�s no fluff or filler, it�s packed with practical information you can use instantly.

A few people that have already had privileged preview access to the guide told me that the information I share in the few short pages of the guide is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I admit, it�s not the most pretty layout � I�m no graphic designer. And if you want to be impressed with eloquent or fancy writing, this probably ain�t the guide for you, but if you�re looking for practical advice you can rely on, directly �from the trenches�, written by someone with years of experience, I can help you! This guide will transform the way you look a t controlling weight.

Here�s a sample of what�s inside the guide:

The 3 Best Ways to Guaranty Weight Loss.
Insider Strategies for preparing for weight loss.
How to avoid the frustration trap.
The latest trends in healthy protein shakes and meal replacements.
Instantly improve your energy.
2 Ways to overcome an under-active metabolism.
The giant myth about dieting and why it�s untrue

�Why This Guide Works for Getting You and Me to a Healthy Weight Permanently�

If you�ve read this far, you�re probably asking yourself if my Guide will work for you, right? Here�s the thing: I promise that all of the secrets I reveal in this very special guide continue to work for you, they work for your family, and they work for your friends and colleagues.

But for any reason you�re not completely satisfied with the results, let me and know and I�ll give you double your money back :-)

One of my close friends recently told me, If good health is what your looking for here is the answer. As you can see, I have unique experience in this field, which I�m sharing for the first time. This system realy works.

Your investment to get this guide is just [free]. So what�s the catch, right? Well, I�m going to level with you � I�m planning on raising the price soon. But for now, I�m offering it to you (and others who stumble across this site) for [free] on the following condition:

So it�s decision making time�

How to �(How To Use A Low Glycemic Shake To Control Your Weight)�
Grab it Today for [free] � Limited Time Offer!

I can understand why you might be cautious. After all, we�ve never met, you don�t know me and I don�t know you. That�s part of the reason why I�ve priced the guide so ridiculously low at just [free].

I�m hoping you�ll say to yourself, �heck, it�s only [free], what have I got to lose?!� Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal, and it�s fully protected and guaranteed by them. I know that you�ll benefit greatly from the information, so I�ve tried to remove all barriers for you.

Demonstrate a little trust in me and you�ll be delighted as I repay you many times over with the valuable information in this guide. I�ve been told that I should be charging at least 10x the asking price, but I don�t want to do that until I�ve collected more feedback from readers like you.

Act now, grab the free Email, and transform your health with (Gluten free glycemic shake) today!
30-Day, No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee!

�I�m so confident that you�ll be delighted with this guide that I�ll happily give 200% of your money back (free) if this very special Guide fails to exceed your expectations with the useful, practical and easy-to-follow, step-by-step information it contains.�

Kind regards,


P.S. You MUST act now. I honestly don�t know how long this guide will stay at $1.00. As I explained, this is a temporary price test to gather feedback on my blog (the �Home� tab on this website) about the report. I reserve the right to increase the price at any time soon without warning. That�s why NOW is the best time to grab your mouse and click on the �Buy Now� button you see below�

P.P.S. The worst thing you can do now is nothing. You�ll be no further forward, and your time reading this page will have been wasted. Don�t give into fear of the unknown. As advice from an expert, I�m sharing with you in the Email. You won�t regret it, I promise! So let�s wrap this up now � click the �Buy Now� button below � do it!

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook
Posted on February 12, 2012 by cynthian
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What if I told You Everything You Thought You Knew About Weight Loss and Healthy Eating was Wrong?
It�s a FACT � Most Doctors, Nutrition �Experts�, and Dietitians Are DEAD WRONG about Weight Loss, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking! The Truth is Weight Loss can be Easy and You Don�t Have to Diet or Work Out Hard.
Cynthia Nichols Low Glycemic Shake with XE Energy Drink
Posted on October 13, 2010 by cynthian

Our taste buds are all different � we have family members who do not like the taste of chocolate(which is hard to imagine). But health is not about �candy preference� but rather wellness and health. One of our favorite mixers with our X-Protein Meal Replacement Shake is the healthy, rich-in- flavonoids and antioxidants Xe Energy Drink proprietary blend of superfruits with a wonderful berry-type flavor. In our Vitamix (super blender) mix

8 ounces Xe Energy + 1 cup X-Protein Meal powder + 10 ice cubes makes a convenient, delicious and nutritious shake for TWO people.

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