How One Little Full-Spectrum Energy-Saving Light Changed Our Life!

How one 23-watt full-spectrum energy-saver light changed our life ... AND
why we can help you to "light up YOUR life".�

The story of "S-y-n-c-h-r-o-n-c-i-t-y."
(how these lights found us and why we're selling them)

We're in the process of healing our TMJ (temporomandibular joint - which basically allows our jaws to open and to close) from injuries sustained in a head-on collision and also recent jaw surgery. To eat healthy and receive the nourishment from our food without being able to chew properly, we invested in an amazing machine Vita-Mix which does fantastic things to food so we benefit more from the nutrients. The Vita-Mix replaced our blender and juicer which we posted for sale in our local shopper ads.

Who comes to buy our juicer but a wonderful couple from Oklahoma visiting Colorado (the husband is an Independent Lighting Consultant).

During the winter months, we keep a 120-watt Veralux full-spectrum bulb above our dining room table to help us get "sunshine" during the short daylight hours. However, as soon as spring temperatures begin to warm, we have to remove it because it generates too much heat.

Our house plants set under a timer light so they too get additional light during the winter months. When the timer clicked on, Marshall (the lighting consultant) noticed it and asked our permission to show us a good light. When he returned from his vehicle with a "spiral" bulb, we said, "Oh, we've not had good experiences with this type of bulb." Marshall simply replied, "My light bulb is very different than the energy-saver twist bulbs you had". Well, he proceeded to replace our 120-watt full-spectrum flood lamp with his 23-watt full-spectrum, energy-saver compact fluorescent twist bulb.

The first thing he had us compare was to read under our 120-watt and then under the 23-watt. The difference was amazing! Plus, the new bulb gave the most beautiful white light (about equal to 85% sunlight). He also replaced a 60-watt incandescent with a full-spectrum 13-watt bulb above the plants and asked us if we would be willing to try the bulbs for a few days. Who needed a few days as we could see a tremendous improvement in a matter of minutes! Of course we wanted to know the price. All he would say, "This bulb is the "Cadillac" of the latest-in-technology of full-spectrum, energy-saver lights. Try it for a few days. If you like it, fine; it you don't that's fine too ... I want to help you light up your life."

Within 3 hours of installing those two light bulbs, we found ourselves actually giggling like two kids ... our gloomy winter moods disappeared and were replaced with a joy and increased energy levels.

For almost two years, we have been looking for HEALTHY LIGHTING products to make available through our Natural Skin Care and Healthy Products website. Because of an accident and the need to purchase a Vita-Mix, sell the juicer, we encountered new friends who introduced us to these wonderful lights. Many of our friends are excited to have these healthy, full-spectrum, energy-saving lights in their home and offices.

DanCin Nichols Expanding Horizons is proud to be associated with I.W.I. Lighting (Innovation with Integrity) their professional personnel and the top-quality, environmentally-conscious lighting products which they make available to us to help you light up your life!

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