PepRmint (Peppermint) Power Pure Energy TWI Varieties: Fructose or Dextrose
Natural Breath Freshener
PepRmint (Peppermint) Power Pure Energy TWI Varieties: Fructose or Dextrose
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Discover Peppermint - The Healing Power of a #1 Folk Formula with Fructose, the natural sweetener that makes honey a quick energy food!!

pepRmint Power (formerly spelled Peppermint Power) Pure Energy Concentrate
Improved Original Formula now available.

Kosher: Parve

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The #1 Natural Breath Freshener: A touch to the tongue - the coolest of Spring is won! A pinch will do -- It's concentrated. Exhilarate your favorite drinks and recipes.

"For that pure-energy, wake-up feeling!" Peppermint concentrates may be Nature's #1 Remedy for restoring blood circulation.

FRUCTOSE (aqua jar) 7-ounce container PepRmint Power
DEXTROSE (brown/burgandy jar)  5.5-ounce container
Unsweetened PepRmint Oil 4-oz liquid - contact us for availability

Ingredients: Low moisture peppermint oil, sweetened with fructose (a non-insulin stimulating carbohydrate, insulin is not required for its metabolism.  Ideal for controlled carbohydrate diets.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As an addition to the daily diet, take directly or dissolve 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of juice or water 2-3 times daily or as desired for "mint" condition.

Excellent in coffee, tea, wine and recipes.

Best stored in glass jar in a cool area after opening.

This package will make approximately 40 to 70 cups of standard strength peppermint tea depending on your taste.

DEXTROSE:  5.5 oz Maroon/Brown Container of fine white powder.  Suggested uses:
   Varicose veins,
   Menstrual cramps,

FRUCTOSE:  7.7 oz Aqua/Turquoise container of cream-color granules (sugar-type texture)
 Low Glycemic for diabetics:  Fructose stabilizes blood sugar, keeping insulin levels stable. 
 Other uses for fructose are:
 Stomach pain,
 Chronic pain.

NOTE:  Pep-R-Mint Power with Chocolate 7-ounces may be available soon by SPECIAL ORDER.
"The cool minty zing. The warm chocolate comfort. Eat to your health."
The package states: Cocoa is high in potent natural antioxidants called flavonoids that do good to the heart and the blood vessels.* Some vascular problems are linked to arteries' inability to make nitric oxide. Flavonoids appear to reverse the problem.* Researcher: "God gave us flavonoid-rich cocoa which reverses the abnormaility" By increasing nitric oxide concentrations, blood vessels relax, easing blood pressure and prventing damage from pressure to the walls of the blood vessels.* Many studies have confirmed this since 1995.

Cocoa has nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times those found in green tea. The antioxidants catechins, protective oligomeric procyanidins and other beneficial flavonoids are not found in green tea.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.


  • Popular Remedy for Cold Hands and Feet - consistent daily use is important.
  • Heart and Blood Circulation - Heart palpitations, circulation problems, heart-muscle weakness, and heart disturbances due to intestinal gas
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Lungs and Asthma - Peppermint is helpful in many problems of the respiratory tract; it helps counteract colds and bronchitis
  • Stomach and Intestinal Ailments - Peppermint has the unusual ability to reduce stomach acidity without interfering with digestion; and is a component of many medical remedies for stomach ulcers.
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis and Other Conditions
  • Leg Pains, Varicose Veins
  • Liver and Kidney Problems - Including stones, diminished urine flow
The information and testimonials in this document are intended for educational purpose only. Any person suffering from any illness, disease, or injury should consult their physician promptly.
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