16 Fl. Oz. Silver Hydrosol Liquid pH balanced 30 ppm by My Doctor Suggests
Therapeutic Grade
16 Fl. Oz. Silver Hydrosol Liquid pH balanced 30 ppm by My Doctor Suggests
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"the next generation in silver supplement technology to
  battle pathogens: virus, bacteria, fungi and mold"

(Reference differences of Ionic Silver, Colloidal Silver, and NEW STRUCTURED SILVER at bottom of listing)
* Immune System Support *

16-ounce Bottle Silver Hydrosol Liquid 30 ppm pH Balanced
+ Tri-fold Brochure "Silver Solution - What It Is And 13 Ways To Use It"
Note:  2016 new label in red & white
Silver hydrosol 30 ppm pH-Balanced Silver Hydrosol -The latest in silver supplementation.
* These products are manufactured at an optimal pH level for enhanced bioavailability and
results as a therapeutic-grade dietary supplement

Clinically tested to be as effective or more effective than other Silver solutions,
MyDoctotrSuggests pH-Balanced Nano-particle Silver Hydrosol (also referred to as
Structured Silver) is the next generation in silver supplement technology.

(quantity ONE) 30 ppm Silver Hydrosol pH-Balanced Liquid 16 oz. bottle
This 30 ppm (parts per million) solution is triple the strength of our normal solution.
Contains 30ppm Silver Hydrosol, and is pH balanced to optimize your body's absorption
and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in
it's naturally balanced state. Therapeutic grade can be ingested or applied externally.

Supplement facts on label:

Serving Size  2 teaspoons (10 mL)
Servings per container: 47
Amount per serving: Purified Silver 300 mcg

Liquid Ingredients:
Purified water,

 citrate buffer,
 sodium bicarbonate.
* Contains NO artificial flavors, ingredients, preservatives, or additives.

This product was manufactured at an optimal pH level for enhanced bioavailability and results as a therapeutic-grade dietary supplement.

Try on: 
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sun and Other Burns
  • Wounds
  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Mouth Sores
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Moisturizing Face Cleanser
83 USES for Silver Solution: Visit the site SilverHealthInstitute.com where Dr Gordon Pedersen, author of "A New Fighting Chance" explains the many uses.
***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.***

BOOK:  The New Fighting Chance Silver Solution, Fourth Edition
Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D, N.D., FAPWCA, FAARM, Board Certified
Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
page 13:
" Ionic Silver: consists of chemical energy that is mostly electric and
can be measured by its charge. The problem is that it bonds to the fats
and is the primary cause of Argyria."

"Colloidal Silver: consists of electric currents driving silver ions into water.
Some colloids are nothing more than tiny particles of silver dusting the water
that contains them. If the wrong electrical current is used to manufacture the
colloid, the silver will fall out of solution and can become predominantly ionic."

"STRUCTURED SILVER: is an advanced second-generation colloidal silver
that is magnetically and electrically structured, producing atomic bonding of water
and silver in a away that forms crystalline structures of silver and water.  The
structured silver bonds permanently to the water so it forms a solution of
silver hydrosol which has alkaline properties. The magnetic and electric frequencies
used during manufacturing are combined with a structured water that results in
alkaline, magnetic, electric silver in a structured form.  It is significantly more
effective at destroying pathogens than the colloids and ionics of the past. The reason
is that the structured silver holds an ultraviolet antimicrobial frequency, capable of
working with the immune system because it is alkaline."
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